• Extractor V+

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    • The new Extractor V+ offers tremendous operator value at a competitive price

    • Basic standard features provide efficient and reliable coffee service for any daypart

    • The exclusive Cascading Spray Dome® eliminates expensive downtime and service calls for clogged spray heads

    • Outstanding reliability and quality the Extractor® brand is known for

  • Superautomatic Espresso

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    • FETCO offers high-quality Eversys Superautomatic Espresso machines in the United States, including sales and equipment service

    • The exclusive e’barista system offers world class product quality in high volume applications and produces an amazingly consistent shot quality

    • Without compromising the quality, Eversys can consistently and reliably produce a variety of over 1,000 drinks per day

    • eConnect telemetry provides operators with real-time business insights via remote monitoring of the machine’s performance. The insights help minimize downtime and monitor popular, profitable beverages

  • Pourover coffee brewer

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    • The 0.5 gallon CBS-2121PW Pourover coffee brewer is a perfect solution for low volume environments like small-medium size restaurants, small cafes, office coffee service (OCS) or venues with a limited coffee offering.

    • This "plug and play" brewer comes equipped with a dedicated on/off switch that is located on the lower front panel for easy access to the power control.

    • Eliminate down time by knowing exactly when the brewer is ready for the next batch when the green LED ready light illuminates on the front panel.

    • Available in 2 models – with heated warming plates for glass servers and without heat for thermal insulated servers.

  • XTS™ Coffee
    Brewing System

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    • Driven by a user friendly touchscreen interface and intuitive software, the XTS series represents the next step in the evolution of FETCO’s renown EXTRACTOR® brewing technology.

    • Experience total control of this fully featured Extractor® Brewing System via an inviting touchscreen interface display that is intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate.

    • Take your coffee to its peak level by unlocking the full freshness, aroma and flavor of your taste profile with the legendary EXTRACTOR® brewing technology.

    • The software allows you to duplicate profiles and parameters to and from any of the batch buttons on a single machine or copy the information to an unlimited number of brewers via a removable SD card (Sold separately).

  • TBS
    Tea Brewer

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    • Access all controls via an inviting touchscreen in that blends intuitive icons with dynamic time and volume data.

    • The patented Cascading Spray Dome water delivery system provides excellent coverage for loose leaf or prepackaged tea and will never clog!

    • Brew Side Sensors automatically detect which side brewing will occur and displays the matching recipes on the touchscreen.

    • Modern European style elevates the look of your iced tea service with an attractive, inviting self-serve atmosphere.

    TBS Tea Brewer
  • Touchscreen
    Hot Water Dispenser

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    • FETCO equipment is designed and built to standards well above most others on the market today, delivering significant energy savings when compared to similar competitor’s products.

    • Dynamic on-screen graphics provide quick, direct interaction with internal controls and helps save time with efficient navigation through set-up and programming

    • Set the desired temperature for consistent and precise hot water dispensing for a variety of foods such as gravy, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cheese sauce, gelatins & much more.

    • Elegantly styled, feature-rich hot water dispensing with touchscreen control, exclusive FETCO design soft silcone tap, advanced diagnostics and SD card slot for quick software updates and maintenance

  • Temperature on Demand

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    • High-resolution display provides easy navigation and instant feedback.

    • Temperature settings can be adjusted at the touch of a button using ergonomic capacitive touch function selector technology.

    • Soft silicone tap is designed to protect glass and ceramic serveware against damage.

    • SD card slot allows operator to easily update software and maintain optimal performance.

    Temperature on Demand
  • Cascading Spray Dome Technology

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    • Our patented Cascading Spray Dome™ allows for complete, even saturation of the coffee bed for perfectly balanced, great tasting coffee every time.

    • Easy Maintenance. The CSD is held in place by strong magnets so it’s simple to remove, clean and secure in position. No tools needed.

    • Fewer Service Calls. The CSD resists lime buildup, a leading reason for service calls. Fewer service calls means more time producing revenue.

    • Retrofit Kits Available. FETCO® EXTRACTOR® coffee brewers and tea equipment that have a metal spray plate can be easily retrofitted with a CSD to update equipment quickly and efficiently, with no downtime.

    Cascading Spray Dome Technology
  • Funnel Technology

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    • Our proprietary digital funnel system provides accurate readouts of hold time and volume for ease of inventory management and reduced waste.

    • Over-Molded Flexible Circuit.
      No moisture exposure to circuitry.
      Accu-Sensing Points ™. Sensors deliver precise liquid level data.

    • New ULTEM material. Rugged and durable to withstand high temperature, impact, and acidity.

    • Larger Battery along with reduced communication frequency saves an additional 50% to 60% of energy.

    Funnel Technology