IP44 CBS-62H-30

Gravity-fed tube system reduces lime build-up, which can harm equipment

IP44 Marine Certified

Patented, watertight design is IP44 certified for use on cruise ships.


FETCO® 6000 Series IP44 maritime brewers feature brew basket locks incorporated into the start switch for added safety.

FETCO® 6000 Series IP44 maritime brewers feature brew basket locks incorporated into the start switch for added safety. They also deliver volume consistency, thanks to the spray over feature that allows you to control the water contact time, resulting in perfectly extracted coffee every time. Our patented gravity fed tube helps resist lime build-up.

The twin 3.0 gallon IP44 CBS-62H-30 coffee brewer comes with three phase electrical configuration, stepdown transformer, maritime package, 304 stainless steel, half batch function and brew basket clips.

Brewers can be used with:


Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.) Weight (lbs.)
40 35 1/2 22 3/8 170

Brewer Capacity

Volume (L) Volume (g) Output (gph) (≈8oz.) cups/hour (≈12oz.) cups/hour (≈16oz.) cups/hour (≈20oz.) cups/hour
2 X 11.4 2 X 3 25.8-18 ≈864 ≈576 ≈432 ≈346

Standard Electrical Configurations

Electrical configuration Volts Amps Phase
Terminal Block 220-240, 440-480 11.4-54 1, 3

Special Features

Cascading Spray Dome ® EXTRACTOR® Technology Pulse Brew Brew Basket Locks Hot Water Spigot
No No No Yes Yes


Programmable Brew Volume Programmable Brew Time Programmable Brew Temperature Programmable Pre-wet Percentage Programmable Drip Delay Programmable Low Temp
Yes Yes Yes No No No